Who might you run into at the Clayton Club?

Ron – Your Legendary Wednesday Night Karaoke Host Michelle – By day she’s a mild mannered office manager.  BUT… on Wednesday nights she’s a hot, rockin’ karaoke singer belting out hot Melissa Etheridge songs and other cool stuff. Click her & listen!! Rebekah – She’s about 3 feet tall, but sings big!! (and is really smart)  See her on Wednesday nights (stand on a chair if you have to) Triple Trouble – Pam, Kari, & Megan…..  Terrorizing the Clayton Club every Wednesday night.
Janelle – Your out-of-control bartender and part-time singer. I could put a clip of her singing up here…. but I won’t. Debbie – a.k.a. “Disco Debbie” — The Queen of great 70’s music!! Click her pic. Georgia – Our favorite “Campfire Song” singer. You know… the great American folk songs you’d sing sitting around the campfire… Peace. Click her pic. Katie – She’s advanced from just a pool player to a karaoke regular… and is smart enough to be an Oakland A’s fan!!
Kacie – Sings all the “crowd pleasers”, and sings them all great!!

Kari – “K-Wags” just won the Contra Costa Delta Idol singing contest!!

Darrell – Fronts an impressive Motley Crue tribute band and sings all kinds of fun songs. Click his pic and check out this ‘live wire’
Bentley – Our official Wednesday night Rock n Roll animal!! Big John – Long time LegendMaker singer, John is also a computer wizard and sings it all. Click his pic! Kristie
Brad – Poor Brad is afflicted with the horrible disease of being a Chicago Cubs fan. Well, at least Wednesday nights can take his mind off the Cubs Danielle – One of the famous “Clayton Nymphomaniacs” Jessica – The amazing Jessie Jones. Mere words can’t even start to describe her!
Gamine – She’s not only the best hair cutter on the planet, but sings up a country storm! Butch – His band plays regularly at the Clayton Club, and does mean solo karaoke performances!!

Pam – A ‘Walla-Balla’ legend on Wednesday nights! Click her pic for a rare vocal performance!!

Angela – a.k.a. Pistol Babe, is now a LegendMakers KJ!!! Kiki – Appearing live, every day, at Caffino’s!!

Stacey – Lead singer of the world renowned “Stringies”

The Wolfman Darlene – An up-and-coming superstar!!  Talk to her agent, Tina, for booking details. Len
Patrick Toni – Long time Clayton regular. I mean really long time. We’re talking 15 years here. She sings a little too (winner of a few karaoke contests) Click her pic!! Crystal – She sings it all and just doesn’t care!  All kinds of fun!!