Who might you run into at the Roundup???

Your One-Of-A-Kind KJ on Saturday Nights!!
Brian – Keeps law and order at the Roundup, and sings a little too!

Michaelangelo – He brings back the all-time favorites! Click his pic.

Tina – She’s from Germany, so guess what song you’ll hear when you click her pic…

a.k.a. Pistol Babe.
Your One-Of-A-Kind KJ on Wednesday Nights!!

Jennifer Bebe – A true rock n roll babe…. Click her pic and hear her rock! Spencer – This guys sings it all, and sings it well. Click his pic and listen!
Tiffany – She’s just a girl. Just click her pic and she’ll tell ya so! Marie Jeff
El Che Chris Sweet Caroline
Brian Eric + John