Planning the Big Day

To assist you plan your big event, we will provide you with a wedding event planner to help you organize the events at your wedding and reception. After it is completed, you may wish to make copies to be given to the other professionals who need to know the schedule.

Following is a condensed version of what goes on at a reception. We are by no means limited to this format. We will tailor your special day to make it unique for you.

While your guests arrive, we play mood music consisting of Smooth Jazz, R&B, Oldies, Adult Contemporary, Light Rock, Romantic Classical, Classics or any type you prefer. Because your guests are spending this time conversing with friends & family, we try to keep the music low key and volume low.

Usually, the photographers take the bridal party for pictures after the ceremony. When the bride & groom arrive at the reception, we usually do bridal party introductions or have a reception line.

Sometime before the reception, we would like to go over the names of the bridal party as to pronunciation and the order in which they will enter.

This can be done in conjunction with the introductions or alone. The bride, groom and parents line up and greet the guests as they go through the line. This is a great time to say thank you to all of your guests for attending your special day. You could also skip the reception line and just go around from table to table to thank them for attending. This seems to be the most popular way to do it.

During Dinner, we play light music that is easy to talk over.

This is usually done by the best man then maid of honor after or during the meal. You can have open toasts where anybody can give a toast or closed toast where only the people you select give the toasts.

This takes place about a half hour after the dancing starts. We will make sure the photographer and guests know so they may participate in this ceremony.

While the cake is being prepared to serve, we will announce for the single ladies to gather around on the dance floor for the bouquet toss. Then it’s the guys’ turn with the garter toss. We can make this a fun event.

Toward the end of the reception, we often start playing dance music that will appeal to the bride’s and groom’s friends and family. You may choose which songs to play or not play.

The last dance is usually picked by the bride & groom. A nice touch is to replay the first dance song.  Then off to the honeymoon……..